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Version 1.0.5 Update

Hi Creators! Today, We’ve updated the Web Graphics Creator to version 1.0.5  • New Resizable Canvas• New Youtube Channel Art Guide• New Font preview for text items Watch this video to see all of the new features in this update:

Record full length of video

In this new update (version 1.0.4) we’ve also updated the video option. You can now import your own .MP4 videos. When you want to record the canvas, the recording can now be a maximum of whatever the video’s length is. (for example, if you upload a 3 minute video, you can record the full three […]

New Alignment Tools

The new version 1.0.4 also brings you the option of aligning elements! If you SHIFT + Click on a group of text of graphics elements on the canvas, you’ll see a NEW menu option appear on the left. When you group items like this, you can also resize or rotate them all at once!